Based in Denver, Colorado, ReLuminous is managed by its co-founders, Chris Brust and Lanny Grosse.



Chris Brust

With 15 years of experience in the multifamily industry, Chris is primarily responsible for directing the business side of an engagement; interfacing with subject matter experts to define and model their business processes, translating those definitions into technical requirements, then delivering business value back to the stakeholders.  Chris proudly spent his entire career in the industry at Archstone.  From 1998 into 2013, Chris held roles in operations, pricing and revenue management (PRM), and business intelligence (BI).  Most recently, Chris served as Vice President of Business Intelligence where he led the BI, analytics, market research and PRM departments.  Prior to joining Archstone, Chris served as an Army officer in the Corps of Engineers.



Lanny Grosse

With 15 years of experience with Microsoft's SQL Server technologies, and 9 years experience as a database architect with EMC's Microsoft practice, Lanny is primarily responsible for the technical aspects of an engagement.  He ensures that any technical design and implementation adhere to best practices.

Prior to forming ReLuminous, Lanny served as the Senior Business Intelligence Architect (and general database guru to all the company's database administrators) at Archstone from 2008 to 2013.